Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit my entry?
You can submit your entry, along with your details, here:
What is the criteria for selection?
Entries with 3 Photographs (with a caption and story) or 1 Video (of 60 secs duration) or a combination of both, that best represent the theme 'For the love of chai', will be selected for the next round.
When is the last date for entry submission?
The last date for entry submission is 26th June, 2017.
Do my entries have to be shot in Munnar?
No. As long as your images capture the theme 'For the love of chai', it can be shot anywhere.
Which format should my photos be in?
You may upload your photos in JPG, JPEF, or PNG format.
What is the image size limit?
The size limit per image is 2MB.
Is it compulsory to submit a video?
No, it is not mandatory to submit a video.
How do I submit a video?
You can share a link to your video.
Once I have registered, can I edit my entries?
No, once you have registered, you cannot edit the entries. Be sure of your entries before you click register. You can save it as a draft and once you’re sure, then you can click register.
What is the theme for the contest?
The theme this year is 'For the love of chai'.
Who comprises the judging panel?
The judging panel comprises a mix of expert photographers and heads of Tata Tea Kanan Devan.
What is the next round of the contest?
In the next round, 10 best photographers will be selected to go to Kanan Devan Hills in Munnar, Kerala, for the on-ground event.
When does the next round start?
The next round at the Kanan Devan Hills will be held from Aug 1st to Aug 7th

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