History of Kanan Devan

‘Refreshingly unique’ is the distinctive thought that Tata Tea Kanan Devan evokes. Nature grown, processed and packed on the plantations – it comes from the core of the Kanan Devan Hills. As you go higher, the taste gets better.

Kanan Devan is a 30-year-old traditional tea brand from the house of Tata Tea. Well-known as a loose tea mark for over seven decades, it was then launched in 1984 as a packaged tea brand in Kerala. It was subsequently extended to Karnataka, Goa, and Tamil Nadu. Ever since then, Kanan Devan has been a key brand of the Tata Tea collection. A tea giant in the dust segment, it is the No. 1 tea brand in Karnataka and the No. 2 brand in Kerala.

The clear open sky, lush green hills, and fresh water of the Kanan Devan Hills divinely combine to create every refreshing cup of Kanan Devan Tea. All this is done fresh and fast, as it is blended by nature and popular for its speed of delivery from leaf to cup.

The Kanan Devan family has four variants – Tata Tea Kanan Devan Classic, Tata Tea Kanan Devan Strong, Kanan Devan Golden Leaf, and Kanan Devan in tea bag format. Tata Tea Kannan Devan Classic and Tata Tea Kanan Devan Strong are strong dust teas. Kanan Devan Golden Leaf is an invigorating leaf tea.

2014 saw Kanan Devan in a refreshing new avatar and contemporary packaging. Kanan Devan has remained refreshing through the years and has sealed its place in the hearts of the masses and the market.

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