Capturing the freshness of Kanan Devan hills like never before.
An indelible experience that began 2 years ago saw photographers from across the country being taken on a journey through the Kanan Devan hills. In the first year, the best photos won exciting prizes, and the winning picture was featured on the tea pack in the second year.
This year, The Photography Escapade 3 got action-packed with the photographers partaking in the journey on a much grander scale. The journey was filmed and chronicled as videos. These videos are aired as part of a photography reality series which is India’s first-of-its-kind. Watch them now.
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  • Episode 4

10 of India's best amateur photographers decided to capture the mystery
behind the 4 elements that make a cup of Kanan Devan tea, so refreshing.
Scroll to see the amazing pictures captured by our participants.

  • 426273
    Agni Soonu
  • 426273
    Anand Rama Krishnan
  • 426273
    Arjun Davis
  • 426273
    Bhavna Sharma
  • 426273
    Mohammed Eza
  • 426273
  • 426273
    Hardik Gaurav
  • 426273
    Kurian Mathew
  • 426273
    Rahul Vangani
  • 426273
    Vasanti Kantebet

    Many lovely captures were sent ‘for the love of chai’ and the 10 best entries have been


    • India's first-of-its kind photography reality show
    • 5d/6n adventure in Kanan Devan hills, Munnar
    • Nature-inspired photography and video Content created by the contestants
    • The search for India’s most celebrated photographer
    • Prizes up to 10 lakhs* to be won by the winners
    • The winning photograph will be featured on the Kanan Devan limited edition pack
  • Here are the winners for the Photography Escapade 3

    Arjun davis Ananda Ramakrishnan
    Agnisoonu K
    Mohammad Eza
    Rahul Vangani

  • Hardik Gaurav
    kurian mathew
    Geeta Hegde
    Bhawna Sharma
    Vasanti Kantibet

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