1. Participation in the Contest by a participant implies that the participant has read all the terms and conditions in relation to the Contest and accepts and agrees with the said terms and conditions.
  2. Subject to the terms and conditions contained herein, this Tata Tea Kanan Devan ‘The Photography Escapade 3’ contest (“Contest”) is open only to persons who are of the age of 18 (eighteen) years or above and are residents in India.
  3. By participating in the Contest, a participant provides Tata Global Beverages Limited (“TGBL”) and/ or any other third party, operating for and on behalf of TGBL, with the express permission to be able to access and use the content set out by that participant on his/ her Facebook profile, for the purposes of the Contest. This would include but not be limited to accessing the particular participant’s Facebook profile to obtain details such as the complete name/ email address and/ or phone number of such participant available on his/ her public profile on Facebook and also profiles of other social media/ webpages of such participant whose links are provided on the Facebook profile/pages of such participant.
  4. Participation in the contest will be open for a period of 18 (eighteen) days, commencing from 9th June, 2017 and ending on 26th June, 2017.
  5. In order to participate in this Contest, a participant must be a bona fide and registered user of Facebook and he/ she must follow the instructions and participation directives provided and only upon successful completion of the participation procedure, a participant shall be eligible to win the prize, subject to the terms and conditions set out herein.
  6. In order to participate in the Contest, a participant must submit a minimum of 3 (three) photographs/image taken by the participant on ‘For the Love of Chai’ theme, with a caption for each photographs/image and a short description of each such photograph/image. In addition to 3 pictures, a participant can submit 1 (one) short video of 60 secs duration which they have created themselves on the application or link to the Contest, by following the instructions set out therein.
  7. The copyright symbol (if any) in each image/video shall be set out in the font size 10 (ten) and in Arial type font at the right hand bottom corner of the photograph/ images.
  8. The participants may also showcase their photography portfolios by sharing the details/links to their photography pages on various websites, pages such as Facebook/Flickr/Instagram etc., in accordance with the instructions provided for the same which can be read by clicking on the link to the Contest, in order to enable the panel of judges of the Contest to get more knowledge and be exposed to their work in photography.
  9. A participant can participate in this Contest only once.
  10. Among all the entries received in relation to the Contest during the above-mentioned 22 (twenty two) days, a panel of judges/experts, shall select 10 (ten) participants as the winning participants based on the photographs & video submitted. The winning participants shall be entitled to win a trip for 5 (five) days and 6 (six) nights to the Kanan Devan Hills, Kerala. The trip would tentatively be held in the month of August; however the exact dates of the trip would be informed to the winning participants at least 7 (days) prior to the trip and the dates once finalised and informed to the winning participants would not be subject to any change.
  11. The participation of the 10 (ten) winning participants who will travel to Munnar shall be subject to the terms, conditions and instructions that would be provided to them before participating in the said Contest.
  12. The winners cannot defer or transfer their participation in the trip sponsored by TGBL. Participation in the trip can be availed only during the dates and time fixed and specified by TGBL. It is clarified that only the winning participants are permitted to be a part of the trip and the said winners will not be permitted to bring any other person along with them.
  13. Every winning participant will be contacted directly either by email or by a message sent to their phone numbers, based on the details available on each of their public profiles on Facebook, to be informed about their win and they will also be informed about the details of the trip in the same manner. Further, the winning participants may be requested to provide TGBL certain details in relation to their age, occupation, address etc. and the winning participants shall provide true and correct information in this regard.
  14. The participants would be able to receive the email/ message as indicated above, subject to their email filter settings and the ‘DND’ registration on their phone number not being active. TGBL shall not be liable in any manner in the event that a participant does not receive any email/ message due to the activation of any filters which prevents him/ her from receiving the email/ message. Further, TGBL shall not be liable in the event that the particular participant receives emails/ messages from any other source/ company due to the activation of all that is required to be able to receive the email/ message from TGBL.
  15. The details of the winning participants, i.e. their authentic Facebook profile or other pages, name, age, occupation and complete address or any such other information that may be obtained from them for the purpose of availing the prize/s under this Contest, as maybe considered necessary, will be verified for the purpose of authentication of the winner and such information shall be used as intended for the purpose of this Contest. The aforesaid information will be deemed to be provided by the participant voluntarily for the purpose of this Contest. In the event that TGBL is of the opinion that the information in relation to a winning participant is incorrect or fake, TGBL shall have the right to cancel such participant’s entitlement to the prize/s under this Contest, at any time, as and when the same comes to the knowledge of TGBL and the said participant shall be intimated of the same.
  16. The decision of TGBL in relation to the determination of the winners of the Contest shall be final and binding on all participants.
  17. TGBL shall sponsor the travel and accommodation in relation to the trip for the winning participants only. Travel arrangements shall be provided from the airport/railway station/bus station, nearest to the location where the trip is being arranged, as applicable, and each winning participant shall make arrangements to reach the airport/railway station/bus station by themselves. The winning participants shall be informed and instructed about their travel and accommodation prior to the trip. The mode, nature and kind of travel arrangements and accommodation shall be at the sole discretion of TGBL and no participant shall have any claims/complaints in relation to the same. During the trip, all out-of pocket expenses shall be borne by the participants on their own account and they shall not be entitled to claim any reimbursement from TGBL in respect of such expenses.
  18. One of the conditions of taking part in the Content is that the winning participants, during 1 (one) of the above-mentioned 6 (six) days, would be required to take pictures and/or videos of the Kanan Devan Hills and submit these to TGBL within 7 days of returning from the trip. The winning participants would therefore be required to carry all their necessary equipment related to taking the photographs and/or videos. This year, TGBL will be shooting video content of the participants and shall capture their journey during the trip. This content will then be promoted by TGBL across various media. The winning participants thereby allow us to shoot video content and also publish same in such manner and on such media as determined by TGBL. The winning participants will be given the necessary instructions related to taking the pictures of the Kanan Devan Hills and other related images on reaching the location and the winning participants shall follow such instructions. Thereafter, the winning participants shall hand over the photographs taken by them in all forms to TGBL as and when requested for by TGBL.
  19. The photographs and/or videos taken by the winning participants shall be the sole property of TGBL and all intellectual property associated with it such as copyrights etc. shall vest with TGBL and the winning participants shall have no claim on the same and they shall be deemed to have relinquished all the intellectual property rights in relation to such images by virtue of their participation in this Contest and by availing the trip sponsored by TGBL.
  20. TGBL and any other third party, operating for and on behalf of TGBL shall be entitled to use the photographs and/or videos taken by the winning participants, in any manner whatsoever, for any purposes of TGBL, after the completion of the Contest, such as in any media for future promotional, marketing and publicity purposes etc. and the winning participants shall have no claims/rights whatsoever in relation to the same. TGBL shall give photography credits on such photographs and/or video to the concerned winning participants. However, the winning participants shall be entitled to use the images only for the limited purposes of their photography portfolios and may share such images on social media pages, without having any ownership rights attached to them or further distributing the photographs and/or videos to any third parties.
  21. Total prize money is up to 10Lacs. Out of the 10 (ten) winning participants who would be taking photographs/images during the trip, TGBL, either by itself or through a third party, shall select 1 (one) best participant and one winning team and the winners shall be eligible to receive prizes (camera accessories) up to 10Lacs. The winner will be informed about his/her win in the same manner as set out above. In this regard, TGBL shall not guarantee the utility/ performance/ quality/ merchantability of the aforementioned prize provided and the same would be governed by the warranty/ guarantee that may be extended by the manufacturer/ marketer of such prize. The prize shall be personal to the winning participant and TGBL shall not be required to transfer the said prize to any third party.
  22. The winning participants shall share their experiences in relation to the Contest and the trip, through posts and pictures, once they reach the venue, through various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc., by using hash tags such as #KananDevan and #ThePhotographyEscapade3. Further, while sharing any such pictures in relation to the trip to the Kanan Devan Hills on any web media, they shall tag 'Tata Tea Kanan Devan’ by using the following links:

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TataTeaKananDevan
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/KananDevanTea
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com//tatateakanandevan
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/TataTeaKananDevan
  23. Participation in this Contest is completely free of cost. TGBL hereby cautions the participants about any fraudulent/ spurious claims made by any person in this regard and also disclaims any responsibility or liability whatsoever, in case the participants make any such payments for participating in this Contest. All official communication regarding the Contest shall be made by TGBL from its official Facebook page, Instagram account or Twitter. The participants should disregard communication received from any other email id and TGBL shall in no manner be held liable from any communication received from any email id apart from the abovementioned.
  24. TGBL reserves the right to modify, reschedule, discontinue or terminate this Contest at any point without prior notice and shall not be liable to any person or entity for any such modification, rescheduling, discontinuation or termination. TGBL also reserves the right to disqualify any participant for reasons that may be deemed fit.
  25. All copyrights and other intellectual property in relation to this Contest and the work of the participants are and shall remain the sole property of TGBL.
  26. TGBL has the exclusive right to withdraw any content posted in relation to this Contest, which in the opinion of TGBL is explicit/ slanderous or otherwise is against the policies of Facebook and/ or TGBL. The participants who post such material shall be solely responsible for the same and TGBL shall in no manner be held responsible for such content.
  27. This Contest is, by no means, sponsored/ endorsed or administered by or associated with Facebook. TGBL is conducting this Contest with the assistance of various third parties and the participants may be contacted by either TGBL directly or by any such third party, for and on behalf of TGBL.
  28. This Contest is not open for the employees of TGBL and their relatives and family members, as well as the employees of the companies or third parties who are assisting TGBL in the Contest or acting for and on behalf of TGBL in this regard, their relatives and family members.
  29. This Contest is not open for participants from various states in India in which a contest of this nature is prohibited by law.
  30. TGBL shall not be liable and/ or responsible towards the personal privacy/ security of any participant or his/ her Facebook page/ profile on account of such participant taking part in the Contest.
  31. TGBL reserves the right to contact the participants even after the expiry of the period of the Contest.
  32. Complaints, if any, must be sent to https://www.facebook.com/messages/566164140182714 as a message, and the decisions of TGBL in relation to such complaints shall be final and binding.
  33. The terms and conditions of the Contest shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws applicable in India. Further, it is irrevocably and unconditionally agreed that the courts at Bangalore shall have exclusive jurisdiction to entertain any proceedings in relation to any disputes in any way relating to or concerning this Contest.

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